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North America’s fastest-growing resume editing and writing service. Our clients receive 5x more interviews after using our professional resume services.

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46% of resumes do not pass the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Get a free, confidential review from one of our resume experts. It’s easy, just send us a current version of your resume, we’ll review it and send it back with our feedback and comments. Free!

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Resume Writing Services

We have written 1000’s of professional resumes for every industry and career level. From student resumes to executive resumes, we will ensure you have the proper resume service at an affordable price. We promise!

Customized Resume Service

We provide a customized resume service for every customer. Whether you are looking for some resume help, a new resume design, or simply the best resume money can afford, we have the right service for you.

Cover Letters

Cover letters are just as important as your resume and must contain certain keywords to make it past the screening process. We will ensure that your cover letter is personalized and customized for the job posting.

Curriculum Vitae or CV

Yes, there is a very important difference between a resume and a CV. Depending on your career and the location of the job, you might be required to write a CV instead of a resume. Contact us to find out more.

Resume for Indeed or LinkedIn

Your resume must be formatted correctly and contain relevant keywords if you apply for a job through Indeed or LinkedIn. We will review your resume to ensure it is optimized for the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Professional Writing Services

In addition to resume and cover letter services, we can also help with a variety of professional writing services, such as student applications or study plans for Student Visas. Contact us to find out more.

We’ve Helped Our Clients Land Positions With Some of the Best Companies in the World

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“I hadn’t touched my resume in over 8 years and I had no idea where to start. I contacted Resume Wiz with the job postings I was interested in and 2 days later I had 3 brand new resume templates! They even helped me prep for the interview.”

Emily K.
(Office coordinator)

“I needed a resume that would allow me to transition into a new career. Alex from Resume Wiz worked with me to create a powerful resume that captured my 20 years of work.”

James N.
(customer support rep)

“I needed help editing and proofing my existing resume. I emailed my resume on Monday and got it back the following day fully proofed and edited. So happy to find this service.”

Sean a.
(sales manager)

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Everyone at Resume Wiz is a former Hiring Manager or a Professional Recruiter so we know EXACTLY how to make your resume stand out

Receive a phone interview within 7 days.

The reason we are becoming North America’s fastest-growing resume writing service is that 90% of our clients receive a phone interview within 7 days. Why? Because everyone at Resume Wiz is a former Hiring Manager or a Professional Recruiter so we know EXACTLY how to make your resume or CV stand out. Why not start with a free review of your resume or cover letter.

The Best Resume and CV Formats and Templates

Our resumes and cover letters are 99% effective at making it past Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) used to filter out applicants. We have created the best resume and CV examples and cover letters using modern designs and templates. You can either have us edit or write your resume or choose to purchase one of our professional resume templates.

Resumes for every career level and role

7 out of 10 Resume Wiz clients are repeat clients or referrals. We have a proven resume writing system that works for everyone. We can help with entry-level resumes, resumes with no experience, Candian or American resume formats, and everything in between. Not sure where to start? Just contact us using the button below.

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From simple editing and proofing, to creating an eye-catching resume design, to helping you prep for your upcoming interview. Our team will ensure you have what you need.