5 Resume Tips for 2021


Your resume has about six seconds to make an impression on the hiring manager. Yup – just six seconds. There are many factors that can affect how much attention your resume gets. Anything from the font you choose, the header and footer, the color scheme, and the overall formatting. Like fashion, resumes do go through trends, so keep reading to find out what’s hot for 2021.

How do you write a resume in 2021?

Job applicants know how little time a hiring manager has to spend skimming resumes. when filling a role. Let’s face it, your resume is going to get no more than about 30 seconds of the reviewer’s time on the initial pass, so make it count. Ensure that they read the information on your resume that matters most for the role in question.

That means job applicants should not only carefully consider the information they include in their resume but also how they deliver that information. That’s where design comes in. Smart use of options like color, typeface, shading, or even infographics can catch the attention of a resume reader and get them to engage longer with the document.

So you’re not an artist? No problem. At Resume Wiz, we know about some simple but effectual design tips to help your resume stand out in the stack.

Should I use color in my resume? 

One measured way to add some color to a resume is with borders or shading. Depending on the role, some hiring managers do not like things to be really different, typically, but using subtle borders and shading functions for color that can help move the eye through the document more easily is recommended. A subtle use of color can make one’s resume pop alongside others.

You might even consider using a colored font in moderation. Evidence suggests that although executives don’t always like resumes with color, they actually spend about twice as long reviewing resumes that use color professionally. The key here is to be strategic and consistent about when and where the colored font is used. I suggest sticking with blue.

What is the best font to use on a resume? 

Sure, you probably know to avoid the aptly named Comic Sans, but your CV can also get lost in a sea of Times New Roman. Make your resume visually distinctive by avoiding overused fonts — some great alternatives are Tahoma and Verdana.

Should I use bold font when I write my resume? 

We advise our clients to include a branding statement near the top of their resume that defines their unique value and signature strengths. We suggest using bold fonts to highlight key points in the resume that define that brand and help them jump out. Another option is to embolden keywords or core competencies in a list of accomplishments.

Using infographs or charts in a resume

The use of an infographic or two will grab attention – and more importantly, communicate the business value hiring managers. Try the use of a chart or graph to depict a financial win – the implementation of an application that saved money or increased productivity, for example – to convey a subliminal impression of being an overall business leader and not just an individual contributor. 

How many pages should my resume be?

One of the most common questions we receive is: How many pages should my resume be?

For those with less than a decade of experience, a one-page resume will probably work. Three pages is the absolute max. For most managers or senior managers, a two-pager equals the sweet spot.

If you still have questions on what a resume looks like in 2021, you can send us your resume for a free resume reviewby one of our resume experts. 

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