The Top 5 Resume Writing Tools

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Here at Resume Wiz, we write a ton of resumes…like a TON!

We often get the question of how we are able to write such a large quantity of resumes while maintaining grammar, punctuation, and ensuring we create a quality product.

First of all, we have a group of brilliant staff who are all professional recruiters or hiring managers so they are the experts at writing the perfect resume.

But we also have some secret weapons we use to help us along the way. Read on to find out our favourite software and apps when it comes to helping us create the perfect resume and cover letter.

The Hemingway Editor

resume wiz hemingway editor

The Hemingway Editor (as the name might suggest) is an app that helps you with your editing if you’re not sure where you’re going wrong. Paste your text in, and it’ll highlight any errors. We recommend it for longer pieces of text like a cover letter paragraph or a career summay on your resume or cv.

Grammarly App

resume wiz grammarly app

Definitely in the top three tools that our team uses (in fact we are using it right now to write this post). and one of the go-to apps for us is Grammarly.

This app is available for desktop or mobile and basically acts like a spell checker on steroids. Not only does it check for everyday spelling mistakes, but also checks for grammar and punctuation.


resume wiz boom essays

BoomEssays is not an app or software but actually a writing service. This writing service offers proofreading and editing assistance. Send your content to them (a letter, a cover letter, an essay, etc) to them and they’ll polish it for you, making it attention-grabbing. Although we don’t use this service ourselves we definitely recommend it to a lot of our customers who are either new Grads.

After The Deadline

resume wiz after the deadline

After The Deadline is a mix between the apps we just talked about. If you’re editing several letters at once, you probably don’t have time to pore through them all. Paste them into this checker instead. You might want to give it a second review yourself, but it definitely does the heavy lifting when it comes to obvious writing errors and mistakes.

Paper Rater

resume wiz paper rater

Paper Rater is very similar to the previous tool mentioned. Before you send your letter, run it through this app. It will check for grammar and spelling errors, as well as possible plagiarism. We actually use this when we are helping our corporate partners screen applicants and resumes. It’s a great way to flag resumes that are poorly written or worse, plagiarised.

There you have it. Just some of the industry secret traits recruiters and professionals have been using for years. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date as we will be sharing more tools and tips in the next few days.

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