Virtual (Zoom) Interview Tips from the Experts

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The team at Resume Wiz does a lot of virtual interview prep sessions with our clients. So we thought why not share some of our best tips for how to nail that virtual interview. Here are Top Tips to keep in mind for your next Zoom call. 

Yes, we agree, this has been challenging for both job seekers and for the organisations doing the hiring, us included!

However, video interviews aren’t really that new, with numerous companies or organisations using video interviewing techniques for some time. These range from pre-recorded interviews where you record your answers as a first-round screening process to live video interviews for anyone applying for remote, rural or overseas work.

When COVID-19 rolled into town, the world turned upside down and Zoom became everyone’s new best friend when it came to the workplace, while also becoming a crucial tool around recruiting.

But with restrictions being eased, while face-to-face interviews for healthcare jobs will kick back in, Zoom interviews are more than likely also here to stay.

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Put (or Zoom) Your Best Self Forward

So, if Zoom interviews are here to stay, what are the top 5 Zoom interview tips?

Glad you asked!

Be Prepared in Advance: We’ve all laughed about some of the strange stuff that’s gone on during Zoom interviews, but this is maybe the most important part of your interview. Setting up your computer with a neutral background, good lighting and somewhere free of interruption are all a given. And, if you’re using a mobile phone, make sure it’s positioned stably or that you’re holding it to best effect and aren’t going to get a cramp!

Do a Trial Run. For anyone who hasn’t done a Zoom interview (or any kind of video interview), using the in-built audio and video sounds checks is your first step. Calling a friend or relative so they can give some real-time feedback should be next, but if you don’t have this option, record yourself. And don’t get too stressed about how you look or sound – be reasonable on yourself and how you look.

Dress to Kill. Yes, it sounds obvious, but dress just as you would for a face-to-face interview. Looking all slick on top while still in your shorts or favorite sweats is a recipe for disaster. If for some reason (slim chance but still) you need to stand up during the interview and you get sprung, unless your interviewer has a good sense of humour, you can say goodbye to that job. Dressing up also helps mentally prepare you for the seriousness of it all. Simply, just look your best.

The Interview. When it comes to the actual Zoom interview, there are a few things out of the ordinary you need to consider. Join the interview early, even if it means waiting; wear earbuds or similar if you can (they help with audio quality); keep your eyes forward to the cam so you make eye contact; keep notes or questions you have offscreen, and speak slowly and clearly, trying not to interject as there could be a delay. Oh, and don’t forget your body language: even though it feels like you’re in a private space, remember, you’re not.

 Stay Calm. Job interviews are always a bit stressful, and Zoom interviews come with their own added stresses like patchy internet connection, audio issues, interruptions (turn your phone off before the interview if you can!) or other tech fails. Remember though, the interviewer is also working under similar conditions, so if tech lets you down, don’t panic. Just try to reconnect, while maybe emailing or calling the interviewer to let them know of the issue.

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When It’s Over

Once the Zoom interview ends, there’s nothing wrong with a quick follow-up email to thank your interviewer and reiterate how much you would like to work with them. But don’t go overboard: keep it short and sweet.

The Resume Wiz team is happy to chat more about improving your chances in Zoom interviews during your search for your next role, so reach out to us today, and GOOD LUCK!

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